If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home with well water, you should plan on getting potability and quality testing done for a number of reasons. A thorough test of the water in the home and well system can detect the presence of contaminants, such as lead, E.coli bacteria and other toxins that can pose a health hazard.

If you’re selling your home, being able to provide reliable, accurate water potability and quality testing results is a big plus. Being able to document that your home has high quality drinking water increases your home’s marketability while helping avoid delays arising from any concern the buyer may have about water quality.

If you’re buying a home, consider water potability and quality testing as a key component of a thorough home inspection – after all, if you’re concerned about the structure and its electrical and heating systems, you should be concerned about the well and the water it provides. Many banks require that well water be tested before they will provide mortgage financing.

Even owners and buyers of homes with a municipal water supply should have the water tested. Even though the water must meet certain federal and state standards at the municipal water facility, it can pick up contaminants as it travel through the pipes on the way to the home. Just because the local water authority issues a report stating that the water meets regulatory standards does not necessarily mean that it meets those same standards coming out of the faucet.

One of the biggest risks for potable water is lead, especially in communities with older pipes. Elevated levels of lead have been linked to a variety of health-related issues and should be tested for regularly to avoid any problems.

Best Home Inspections: Ensuring Water Quality and Peace-of-Mind

Water potability is something we take for granted in the United States. We assume that water coming out of the tap is safe for drinking and washing. However, according to the EPA, aging municipal infrastructures, pipes, and even homes are contributing to a decline in overall water quality, especially in unregulated private supply systems. It’s important that you, as a home owner or buyer, have the water system and quality inspected by an experienced home inspection firm such as Best Home Inspections – not only to ensure your health and well-being, but your peace-of-mind.